About us

Training at Content Design London

We want to change the way that content designers access training.

Unlike designers and developers who can choose from a large range of courses and degrees, most content designers still only learn on the job.

Content Design London (CDL) gives you the chance to study in a structured, yet flexible and thought-provoking way. We look at content as an essential part of the overall user experience.

But this isn’t just about training. It’s also about building a community and helping to create the next generation of confident, smart content designers.

Our training approach

All our courses and workshops are based on the best practice that originated from the Government Digital Service (GDS) team led by Sarah Winters (formerly Richards).


Our trainers also work in the industry, so we can add experience from dozens of projects and new learnings from our CDL content sprints to our teaching.


CDL’s training is hands-on and practical. We give you the tools you need to run a successful content project and the background knowledge to adapt those tools to your teams and projects.

Our courses and workshops

We run open content design courses in London and around the country with participants from government, charities and the private sector, such as The Wellcome Trust, Pinterest and the NHS.

We also run bespoke in-house content design courses and content strategy workshops for clients like Hilton, Bristol University and Which?

About the trainers

Sarah Winters is the founder of Content Design London. She pioneered the content design movement, starting at the head of content design for GDS. She is the author of the book Content Design and provides training and consultancy for government, charities and private companies in the UK and worldwide.

Hinrich von Haaren is the content strategy lead at CDL. He has worked with Sarah for the past 10 years and was part of the original GDS content team. He has since worked on a multitude of projects in a wide range of industries, taking teams from discovery to finished content.