In September 2019 we are launching our Content Design Academy. 18 students will have the chance to work on the content for a charity website – from initial discovery to producing publishable content.

We are excited to work with Streatham Youth and Community Trust (SYCT) for Sept-Dec, 2019.

The charity focusses on disadvantaged children aged 0 – 21 (older if disabled), for example, those who are young carers or children living in poverty. 

They run: 

  • homework clubs,
  • youth clubs,
  • play work,
  • residentials (overnight trips, UK or overseas).

There will be no cost to you apart from travel and some time investment.

If you’d like to be considered next time, please see below. 

Considerations for the charity

To partner with us, you’ll need to: 

  • be small (turnover less than £1m a year)
  • have some user research
  • be available for 6 of the 12 sessions, including the first and last session
  • let us talk/blog/communicate about the process (forever)
  • give an interview for our marketing purposes
  • publish the provided content

There will be no cost to you apart from travel and some time investment.

What you will get out of the academy

At the end of the project you will get evidenced, accessible and user-centred content to publish.

You will have seen the process and understand the decisions and why they were made. Our content designers will have to explain it to you in a persuasive manner.

Your involvement

As we through the different stages of the project we will invite you to some of the sessions. Students will explain to you what decisions they have made on the new content and discuss these with you.

You’ll be updated at each stage – just like a a client on a real-life project. Ideally, we would like you to attend around 4 sessions.

How to apply

We might get back to you with some questions.

What happens next

  1. Once we have chosen a charity, we will let you know.
  2. We will write to all students who registered an interest and ask them if this is a subject they would like to work on.
  3. Students can apply on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Once we have filled the course, we will send you a detailed outline what will happen over the 12 weeks and when we will need your time.
  5. You attend 4 sessions, the first and last and 2 other sessions we agree on.